The Forgotten Command


A Conference or Sermon Series to Help Churches Impact Their World

In ecclesiastic circles today, there is a “forgotten command” that was given by Jesus to His followers during His earthly ministry.  Many pastors, ministers and church leaders today, in their zeal to draw crowds to their churches and reach people for Christ who may have been offended by “organized religion” in the past, are happy to talk about the “Great Commandments” (to love God and to love others); and, they are energized by “The Great Commission” (to make disciples of all people/ethnic groups).

However, in their desire to attract individuals to their churches and “not come across as offensive,” these same church leaders often ignore “the Great Calling,” Christ’s command in Matthew 5:13-16 to be “salt and light” in a decaying and dark world.

“The Forgotten Command” Conference/Revival/Sermon Series, presented by Dr. Joe Godfrey, Executive Director of the Alabama Citizens Action Program (ALCAP) and the American Character Builders School Program, focuses on all three of Christ’s assignments for His Church…

In this part of the presentation, four images of a loveless society are described. What does a society and a culture look like when God’s people fail to love God, love each other and love the people around them? What will it take to get churches to fall in love with Jesus again and how will this change that church’s circle of influence (their community and the world) for the better?

A careful exposition of the Great Commission passages in Scripture reveals four obstacles that often keep churches from fulfilling Christ’s “prime directive” to His people following His resurrection. This message (or part of the presentation) will look at these obstacles and God’s solution to overcoming them.

This is the often “forgotten command” of Jesus to His Church. Pastors and their churches sometimes forget that Christ not only commanded us to love Him and others, and He not only commissioned us to lead others to Him and help them become His disciples, but Jesus also called us to BE “salt and light,” making a difference in our culture. This part of the presentation (message) focuses on the nature and purposes for salt and light and how Christ’s analogy can help individual followers of Christ change the world around them.  Within this message, one element that is both a part of the nature and the purpose of both salt and light will be revealed. Then, what needs to happen in the hearts and souls of God’s people for them to fulfill God’s “Great Calling” will be identified.

To schedule “The Forgotten Command” Conference/Revival/Sermon Series in your church, contact Joe Godfrey or ALCAP through one of the following methods…

Mailing address:
Joe Godfrey
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Office Phone: 205.985.9062

This material can be presented as a one-day conference or a four-day revival. If your church is in the Birmingham area, the material may be presented as a Sunday or Wednesday evening series over several weeks. Additional messages on a variety of issues (such as alcohol, other drugs, gambling, homosexuality, etc.) may also be added.

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